YouTube Red – all you need to know


Tired of watching advertisments? Here is all you need to know about YouTube Red – the YouTube without ads.

What is it?

YouTube Red is a paid subscription in the service ($ 9,99/month). It brings many advantages:

  • No ads (excluding product placement etc.)
  • Saving videos for watching them offline on a mobile device
  • Background playback on a mobile device
  • Access to YouTube Red films and series (recorded with popular Youtubers)
  • A Google Play Music subscription

How to start a subscription?

To start using YouTube Red go to and start your trial or begin paying. You can also use gift cards.


YouTube Red on a mobile phone
YouTube Red is available on mobile devices


Is YouTube Red a separate platform?

No. YouTube Red is part of the normal YouTube. After subscribing and logging in you will see a Red writing next to the YouTube logo.

Is this the end of free films?

No. YouTube Red is completely optional. Most people will stick with the basic YouTube, as being free is one of the key features of the platform.

What happens with the money?

The money is divided between the YouTubers you watched form your account. The amount is calculated proportionally to the time spent watching a specific channel. Google also has a margin, but most of the cash goes to the creators.

Do I have to pay for every device?

No. The subscription is assigned to a specific account and you can log into it on as many devices as you want to.

Is it worth it?

It all depends on the type of person you are. If you only watch YouTube videos once in a while and use other VOD services then you don’t need the subscription. If YouTube is the only service you use for entertainment and you need background playback or video saving then you should consider paying. Most importantly, ask yourself this question: are ads really such a big problem?

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