5 reasons why Google Assistant is better than Google Now


Google has been constantly improving their voice assistants and with the announcement of the Google Assistant, the company brought their AI system to the next level. Here are 5 reasons why the Google Assistant is better than Google Now.

More natural conversations

A lot of work has been put¬†into making conversations with the Google Assistant as natural as possible. It now¬†understands the context of conversations and is really good at continuing them. You can talk about a few things at once and the Google Assistant won’t lose track of the topic. Besides, the system can express feelings and opinions, use emojis, play games and more.

Improved voice

Another greatly improved aspect of the assistant is its voice. The new text-to-speech can sing songs, shout, whisper and it even has built-in sound effects. The intonation is very natural and while in a few places you can still hear the robotic voice, it isn’t very noticeable. Talking to the Google Assistant is definitely more enjoyable.

Learning abilities

In contrast to Google Now which didn’t really know a lot about you, the Google Assistant remembers your preferences, hobbies and basic info. Teaching the system new things is as easy as saying something like “I like chocolate ice cream”. You can also select what nickname you want the assistant to use when referring to you.

Smart Replies

This is not a big one but it is actually quite useful. When you ask the Google Assistant a question, you will be presented with suggestions for next things you can say. The suggestions are very precise and they certainly save the user a lot of time. You can also learn what the assistant can do this way.

Home Control

Finally, the Google Assistant can be used to control smart home devices, just like Google Home. The feature is compatible with many popular smart accessories and can be very useful to some people.

Patrick is a student and tech enthusiast, mostly interested in UI design, Android modding and custom ROMs.