Google’s new Uptime app lets users watch YouTube videos with friends


Some time ago Google established a startup incubator called Arena 120 where employees could share their ideas for new apps and companies. Now an experimental app from the team is making its way to iOS devices.

The idea is quite simple – the new Uptime app allows users to watch YouTube videos together, chat and share their reactions. The concept is in a way an enhanced version of the already available YouTube live chat (which is only available on live streams) though currently users can’t upload or stream their own videos directly from the app.

Uptime displays the videos you are watching to friends and you can also share creations -either directly in the app for others to watch them later or on other social media platforms. Since the link only works in the app itself, clicking on a share link takes users to the download page for Uptime if they aren’t a user of the service yet.

The new experiment is, interestingly, only available on iOS devices right now but it could make its way to other platforms if it gets enough users and support.

Patrick is a student and tech enthusiast, mostly interested in UI design, Android modding and custom ROMs.