Top 5 iOS 10 Beta features


At WWDC 2016 we finally got a first look at Apple’s new smartphone OS – iOS 10. Here are 5 great features of the newest release.

Redesigned lockscreen

The new lockscreen brings many great features to iOS 10. First of all, Apple added an option called raise to wake. In contrary to simillar features on Android devices, this one shows the complete lock screen when you pick your phone up. A swipe to the right will reveal small widgets with some useful info, while a swipe to the right will open the camera. Unlocking the screen is done by pressing the home button. Lockscreen notifications have also been improved with some design changes and the ability to interact with notifications with the use of 3D Touch.


New Control Centre

The new Control Centre has a clean and simple layout. On the first page are the usual toggles and shortcuts. Swiping to left will reveal the second page dedicated to controlling music playback from the Apple Music app. Another page for controlling Wi-Fi enabled devices in your house will be added once Home Kit is integrated. While still lacking some more functionality, the new Control Centre is a great improvement to iOS.


New Messages app

The Messages app has gone through a massive update. Content from links is now displayed right in the chat, enabling you to listen to music or watch videos without leaving the app. There are multiple modes to even further express your feellings in messages by for example making them pulse once viewed. You can also add animations to the text or make the whole screen go wild when the message is displayed. Sending pictures is now even faster with the ability to take a photo directly from the app. There is even an option to send a drawing. Emojis are bigger and there are many new stickers to choose from.

New Notification Centre

The new Notification Centre has a much cleaner interface. There is now just one tab and notifications are bundled by the time they were sent and wheteher you reacted to them, not by app – like in previous versions of iOS. A force push on the “X” button will reveal an option to clear all notifications from a group. There is also a search box at the top.


Updated stock apps

Most stock apps have been slightly updated. Apple Music and the News app have a cleaner interface, Photos categorizes pictures and recognizes people and objects and Apple Maps gives you info about points of interest and integrates with third party services. The Phone app now transcribes voicemail messages and integrates with services such as Skype and WhatsApp, making managing calls from these apps much easier. Sadly, the Camera app stays the same with very little manual controls.

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