Top 5 free Windows programs you should download


With nearly 5 million programs available for Windows, finding the essential software can be a hassle. Here is our list of the best software for your PC.


Starting off the list is Ninite. With this program you can easily install a package of all your needed software with just a few clicks. To use this service head over to ninite.comselect all your desired apps and download the free package. Now run the file and all your programs will be installed automatically without any setup. If you like the idea behind Ninite, there is also a tool called Ninite Updater which, as the name suggests, automatically updates your apps. This will cost you a few Dollars but if you use a lot of software it can be a real time and effort saver.




The blue light from your computer’s monitor can negatively affect your sleep if you spend time at your PC late at night. This is where f.lux comes into play. This simple tool will automatically adjust your display’s colour temperature based on the time and position of the Sun (this is why the software asks for you location during setup). There are a few settings and modes as well as two simple manual controls but using f.lux mostly doesn’t require any work.



You have probably heard of this one. CCleaner is an award-winning PC maintenance tool which can effectively help you clean up junk from your PC, remove cookies and browser history, fix registry issues, quickly uninstall programs, edit the startup folder, restore the system and much more. Apart from the limited yet still incredibly useful free version there are also two professional editions which boast even more great tools.



If you are looking for a free yet feature-rich image editor, look no further. GIMP is an easy to use program with a ton of editing features. From the basics such as tuning the colours, cropping or rotating to features for advanced users like the lasso tool, multiple layers or various brush effects – this program has you covered. Navigation is quite simple though it might take a bit of getting used to. GIMP is nevertheless definitely worth trying out.



If you don’t want to pay for Microsoft Office and don’t like using online office suites, definitely check out the opensource LibreOffice. This is a free collection of tools for editing and creating text documents, presentations, spreadsheets, drawings, formulas and databases. Navigation is very similar to other office suites and it is hard to find a commonly used feature that isn’t available in LibreOffice. Additionally, this suite is really good at opening and editing documents from other popular programs.

Patrick is a student and tech enthusiast, mostly interested in UI design, Android modding and custom ROMs.