Top 5 Android N Beta features


The newest version of Google’s mobile OS – Android N, is just around the corner. Here are the 5 best features of the latest beta release.

Multiwindow and quick switch


One of the best features of Samsung and LG devices – multiwindow, is finally coming to stock Android. It will be toggled by holding the multitasking button. With this option appearing on more devices, we will also see much more apps supporting this feature. Google will also add a picture-in-picture option, enabling users to do other things on their devices while still watching a video. The quick switch option will let you double-tap the multitasking button to open the most recently used app.

Instant Apps

This feature will allow users to use apps just like websites – without actually downloading and installing them on their device. To do this, the system will only download a few necessary parts of the applications. The feature will be available on all devices running Android Jellybean and above. It will be particularly useful for mobile payments and apps that you will only use once.

Updated notifications shade

The new notification bar will have a lot of useful features. The quick settings will be now accessible after a single swipe, while swiping again will expand them. Also, editing the toggles will now be easier as this option will be available right from the quick settings panel. Google has also added multiple pages to place toggles. Notifications will be bundled according to the apps that sent them, making it easier to manage them. Android N will also display more shortcuts to actions after expanding a notification. Another great feature is the ability to respond to a message directly from the notification.

Keyboard personalization

Android N nexus 6
The new keyboard will have many personalization options.

The new Google Keyboard will you change its colours, add borders between keys or set your own image as the background. There will also be many themes available for it if you don’t like the stock look. The keyboard will also most probably be improved, whether it’s a slight change of the layout or a completely new feature.

Updated settings app

The settings app has gone through a pretty major update. First of all, whenever you go into a sub-setting you will have access to a hamburger menu for quicker navigation. Below every option on the main page you will see a bit of important information, so you don’t have to open the setting to see what network you are connected to or how much storage you have left. The app will also display a green notification at the top of the list whenever you have an option that might affect the device usage turned on, such as the battery saver or Do not disturb mode. There are also some minor tweaks such as separate sub-settings for the sound and notification settings.



Patrick is a student and tech enthusiast, mostly interested in UI design, Android modding and custom ROMs.