Top 3 tools for your Android device

Top 3 tools for your Android apps - featured image

In this list you will find 3 Android tools that can make using your phone easier and faster.


As long as you have a new version of Android, swiping up or long pressing on the home button opens some kind of Google service, whether it is Google Now, Google Now on Tap or the new Google Assistant. Have you ever wanted to change the home button gesture to some other function? That is just what HomeBot lets you do. Enabling HomeBot as the assist app and opening it will let you select from a variety of actions, including launching an app, opening a web page, toggling the flashlight and more. The app does not need root access and is definitely a useful offering.

MyScript Calculator

MyScript is an advanced calculator where you enter equations by writing on the screen. The recognition works very well and MyScript is also able to answer some equations that a traditional calculator app can’t. In addition, there are many settings such as palm rejection and a left-handed mode. All of this is packed in a lightweight and beautiful Material Design app.

Custom Quick Settings

Custom Quick Settings is a handy and easy to use tool that enables you to create custom quick settings tiles and add them to the system quick settings bar. After adding a special broadcast tile from the system settings, you can change the title, icon and tap or tap and hold action (such as opening an app, toggling a setting or opening a web page). There is a limited free version and also a paid one. Custom Quick Settings works on Android 6.0+ devices without root access and rooted Android 5.0/5.1 phones.

Patrick is a student and tech enthusiast, mostly interested in UI design, Android modding and custom ROMs.