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Top 3 Windows tools to make the most out of your PC

Productivity is an important part of our everyday life. To enhance it, here are our top 3 tools for Windows to speed up your workflow.
How to stop Windows from waking up in sleep mode - thumbnail

How to stop Windows from waking up in sleep mode

In this tutorial you will learn how to fix the problem of Windows randomly waking up from sleep mode.

Top 5 free Windows programs you should download

With nearly 5 million programs available for Windows, finding the essential software can be a hassle. Here is our list of the best software for your PC.

How to sync notifications between Android and Windows 10

Constantly switching between your PC and smartphone to check notifications can be distracting. It is much better to see all notifications on one device....

15 useful keyboard shortcuts for Windows 10

Here are 15 useful keyboard shortcuts to speed up your work on a Windows 10 computer. Working with documents Ctrl+F. This combination is a quick way to...

5 tips to speed up your Windows PC

Is your computer running slow? Try these tips. Turn off automatically starting applications. Some apps might automatically start and work in the background when you log in to...

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