How to sync notifications between Android and Windows 10


Constantly switching between your PC and smartphone to check notifications can be distracting. It is much better to see all notifications on one device. In this tutorial you will find out how to sync notifications between an Android smartphone and a Windows 10 PC.

On Windows

Keep in mind that you will have to have the Windows 10 Anniversary Update installed – notification sync was only added in this release. Also, you need to have a Microsoft account and you have to be logged into it on your computer. Open Cortana by clicking the icon next to the start menu shortcut, click on the settings icon, scroll down to Send notifications between devices and make sure that the option is enabled. Your PC now ready to receive notifications from a smartphone.

Cortana on Windows 10
Cortana on Windows 10 (

On Android

There is more to do on your Android device. First, you will have to install Cortana. Depending on your country, the app might be available in the Play Store or not. If it is, download it from there. If it is not, use the button below to get the Cortana APK from APK Mirror. Once you install the app, open it. First, you will need to grant some permissions. Then, you will be asked to log into the app using your Microsoft Account. Once this is done, tap the menu icon in the top left corner and open the Cortana settings. Now, select Sync notifications. You will notice that some options are enabled by default. If this is enough then you are all set. If you want to receive notifications from third party apps, you will need to enable App notifications sync. Simply toggle the option and select which apps you want to see notifications from on your PC. You are now ready to use notification sync.

The result

Now, as long as your Android device is connected to the internet, notifications from it will be mirrored to your PC. Every time you get a notification, you will see a popup on your computer. You can also access notifications from your phone from the Windows Action Centre, in a separate tab. In the case of some apps (like WhatsApp or Messenger) you will be able to reply to messages directly from your PC. Remember that the functionality is still in beta, so you might encounter some errors. Regardless, this is still a great option and you should definitely check it out.

A mirrored notification on Windows 10
A mirrored notification on Windows 10 (


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