How to stop Windows from waking up in sleep mode

How to stop Windows from waking up in sleep mode - thumbnail

You might have experienced a situation when your Windows PC would randomly wake up from sleep mode. This problem can be quite frustrating but thankfully in most situations it is very easy to fix. Follow along with this tutorial and you should be able to solve the issue.

Finding the cause

The first step is obvious – we need to find the reason why your computer keeps waking up. Wait until the issue appears, log in and open the command line by typing cmd in the Windows search bar. Now type in powercfg -lastwake and hit enter. This will show you what device caused your PC to wake up. All you need to remember is its name.

Fixing problematic devices

Now head to the Device Manager by right-clicking on the Start button and selecting the appropriate option. Find the device which is causing the problems (if you don’t know where to look a quick web search for the name should help you) and double click on its name. Open the Power Management tab and uncheck Allow this device to wake the computer. Click OK and you should be done.

Disabling wake timers

If you are still experiencing problems, the next step is disabling wake timers which might be the cause of the wake issues. To do this, open the Power Options window by searching for the tool. Now click Change plan settings next to the power plan which you are using. Next, select Change advanced power settings, expand the Sleep option and under Allow wake timers select Disable. Click Apply and close the window.

Disabling automatic maintenance

By default, Windows runs a maintenance process at 2:00 AM at night. To do this, the OS has to wake up to computer. It is not the best idea but you can disable this functionality. This time head to the Control Panel.  Click Security and Maintenance, expand Maintenance and click Change maintenance settings. Uncheck Allow scheduled maintenance to wake up my computer at the scheduled time, click OK and you can close the Control Panel.

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