Samsung announces the Bixby voice assistant


Samsung definitely failed with their S Voice assistant though the company implemented the service in many new devices trying to make it slightly better. Now the firm is finally dumping the idea of S Voice and creating an all new assistant.

Samsung officially announced the Bixby assistant which is coming to the Galaxy S8 on their news blog. This voice activated service is something completely different than Google Assistant or Siri. Instead of providing answers to simple or complex queries, Bixby focuses on making app interactions easier. The assistant integrates with supported apps to make all the program’s features available via voice commands (not just a few basic options like other assistants).

Of course, this means the apps have to be coded especially for the Bixby assistant so it will definitely take some time for developers to integrate their programs with Samsung’s new assistant. However, this will definitely change the way many use their devices and will open up a whole new way of using your phone.

Samsung promises Bixby will have advanced context awareness so the phone knows what app you are using and what exactly you are trying to do in order to provide better assistance to the user. The article also states the assistant will tolerate various ways of saying commands, without the need to memorise keywords.

The Galaxy S8 will be Samsung’s first device to feature the Bixby assistant. According to leaked images, the smartphone will even feature a dedicated hardware key for activating the service. For now we aren’t really sure how it will all work but this could definitely be a revolution in smart assistants.

VIAAndroid Police
SOURCESamsung Newsroom
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