This is what Samsung’s Android Nougat skin will look like

This is what Samsung's Android Nougat skin will look like - thumbnail

Thanks to SamMobile, we are now able to take a look at Samsung’s newest version of Grace UX, which is currently being tested on the Samsung Galaxy S7.

With the newest beta, Samsung is sticking with the white and blue theme known from older Samsung devices, keeping the interface quite similar to the one from the dead Galaxy Note 7. The only major difference is visible in the notification shade, which now displays full-width notifications and has slightly different iconography and colours. Just like in stock Android Nougat, swiping down once will reveal notifications and a few favourite quick settings, while swiping down again will show more quick settings with a paginated view. There is also what appears to be a voice search icon in the quick settings panel. Another important change is the presence of inline replies, which was and still is one of the best new features of Android Nougat. The rest of the system is very familiar, with only a few small tweaks on the home screen and system apps.



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  • FunkSpunk

    This looks a lot like Xiaomi’s MIUI 8 xD

    • techviewblog

      Yes, it is quite similar.

  • FunkSpunk

    This looks a lot like Xiaomi’s MIUI 8 xD