Pixel Launcher leaked, suggesting the end of Nexus devices


Recently there have been rumours about Google ditching the Nexus branding on their 2016 devices. Now, the launcher for those smartphones has been renamed, confirming the name change. Thanks to LlabTooFeR, a ROM developer, the new launcher is now available for download.

The launcher

You might be wondering what happened to the recently announced Nexus Launcher. Well, nothing. The Pixel Launcher is just it. Apart from the name, the only change that you will notice is the new dynamic calendar icon. This means that the date on the icon will change according to the real date, just like on iOS. Also, the calendar picture is now placed in a white circle, which seems to be a strange decision taking into account that no other stock Android icon has this kind of design. Don’t spend your time looking for more changes, there aren’t any.

Upcoming Pixel devices

So, now we know that Google’s new devices will be named Pixel, like the recently announced hybrid device – the Pixel C. Just like last year, Google aims to release two phones in 2016. The smaller Pixel will be produced by HTC, while the larger Pixel XL – by Huawei. Both devices are rumoured to have Snapdragon 821 CPU’s, 12 Mpix rear cameras and 8 Mpix front ones. The Pixel XL will have a 5,5″ QHD screen (probably AMOLED) and the Pixel will stick with a 5″ 1080p panel. According to Android Authority, the larger device will feature a metal and glass build (as seen on the video below). Both Pixel phones will be running Android Nougat and will be released on October 20.


featured image: pocket-lint.com
sources: buisnessinsider.com, bgr.com, androidauthority.com

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