Moto X 2017 pictures and specifications leak


It seems that with every new device Motorola, now owned by Lenovo, is making the features better and the design worse. These new alleged leaked images of the 2017 Moto X model only confirm that theory.

This is the first major leak connected to the upcoming Moto X smartphone and, luckily, is one of the fullest ones we have seen recently. Not only do the photos give us a good idea of the design of the upcoming Moto device but they also provide us with a few basic bits of information about what is inside of the device.

Starting off with the design, the device is definitely not one of the prettiest out there. The front makes place for the basic components like the earpiece, Moto logo, front-facing camera with flash, fingerprint scanner and the display. The rear aluminium plate is where the signature dimple and camera module are visible. That camera is a dual lens one this time and sits in the big round ring together with the dual-tone flash. Since this is a metal construction, there are also two plastic antenna lines at the top and bottom. The phone looks quite industrial to me and, while the design is definitely not the worst out there, I am not a big fan of the looks, especially when compared to last year’s models.

The author of these leaks included photos of the bootloader, giving us an idea of what the device’s specs might be. It seems the Moto X could come with 32GB of internal storage, 3GB of RAM and a Snapdragon 625 processor. The specs seem quite mid-range which makes sense considering what the aim of the X lineup is now going to be. We should definitely take these leaks with a pinch of salt (especially the specification part) but they still give us an idea of what Motorola might have in store for 2017.

VIAAndroid Police
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