Leaks: The LG G6 might ditch the modular design


Renders of the upcoming LG G6 have appeared via Gear and OnLeaks, giving us a peek at the future flagship device. From what we see, LG might ditch their modular design with the smartphone.

LG G6 image render

Taking a look at the renders, the G6 has a lot of common ground with the current flagship. From the button placement to the dual camera at the back, the design has not changed a lot. Apart, of course, from one big difference – the lack of a modular design. With the Friends accessories LG wanted its devices to stand out from the crowd and while the general idea was good there is no denying that it didn’t exactly work out. The unwieldy process of switching modules was not received well by users, thus making LG’s implementation a fail. All of this means that the G6 probably won’t be compatible with LG’s Friends and will not have a user-replaceable battery. Smaller changes include a completely flat display and a new rear panel made out of a highly reflective metallic material, available in a matte and glossy variant. Thanks to a slightly thicker profile at the top, the back of the device should now be completely flat.

Taking a look at the rumoured specs, the LG G6 will probably feature a Snapdragon 835 processor backed up by 6GB of RAM. The amount of storage is also expected to be doubled to 64GB. The display will retain the 5,3″ size from the LG G5 but it might now be an OLED panel. The dual cameras at the back could see a few improvements and the phone might also feature an iris scanner. On the software side of things, the LG G6 will come with Android Nougat and the LG skin on top of it. Other possible features include wireless charging technology, a waterproof body and a standard 3,5mm headphone jack. Sadly there is no sign of stereo speakers with just one grill visible at the bottom beside the USB Type C port.

LG is trying to have an edge over Samsung this year and while the device will be announced during MWC just like last time, it might go on sale at the beginning of March.


Sources: Android Authority, Android Central, Gear
Media: Gear

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