Here’s how to pass the SafetyNet test with Magisk


Magisk is currently the most popular root management app on custom ROMs. If you also use this service and just can’t figure out how to successfully pass the SafetyNet check, follow this quick guide.

Magisk Hide is available in the settings

There are only two steps to pass SafetyNet with the second one being optional and, in many cases, not required. Start off by opening the Magisk Manager app and tapping on the SafteryNet check tile. If the test doesn’t get passed, open the navigation drawer and tap on Settings field. Now find Magisk Hide and toggle the option on.

You can now return to the home page and start the test again. The check should now be successful. If so, you are done. If it still doesn’t work, there is a second optional step which should help. Open the device settings and scroll down to Developer Options. Tap on that and find Android debugging.┬áMake sure it is disabled.

Great, now we fixed the SafetyNet issue. Let’s take a look at the configurations screen for Magisk Hide. Open Magisk Manager and select Magisk Hide from the navigation drawer. Here you can select which apps you want to hide the root access from. If Magisk Hide is enabled from the settings, all apps that require passing the test will be selected by default. You can control all the other programs one by one or disable the full Magisk Hide and configure everything yourself (I wouldn’t recommend this).

These steps should fix any issues related to the SafetyNet check. If you are still experiencing problems, do a clean flash of the ROM if you haven’t done so earlier. The last option is to contact your ROM’s maintainers.

Patrick is a student and tech enthusiast, mostly interested in UI design, Android modding and custom ROMs.