Google’s Trusted Contacts app lets you share your location with others

Google Trusted Contacts - image

Google has just released their new Trusted Contacts app which lets you share your location with others in case you’re in danger. The concept is that someone from your list can ask for your location if they are worried about you. The app gives you five minutes to either accept or decline the transmission and if you don’t respond it will automatically share your location with the specific person.

You can also actively share your location with selected contacts or everybody, just in case you want to make sure that others know where you are. In case the phone is offline, Trusted Contacts will use the last known location of your device.

Google Trusted Contacts - screenshots

Right from the home screen of the app, people from your trusted contacts can see some basic information about your phone such as its battery status (if available) and whether it is actively connected.

Setting the service up is quite simple. Just download the app from the Play Store, select your trusted contacts and unless the associated people are already using the app, an invitation email will get sent. Trusted Contacts is on its way to the iOS App Store, too.

Download Trusted Contacts

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