Google’s Project Tango brings 3D to smartphones


Multiple smartphone cameras are not just a gimmick anymore. With Project Tango, Google wants to change the way we use our phones.

What is it?

Project Tango uses two cameras to provide a more immersive experience. It consists of many useful features. Here are some of them:

  • Indoor navigation. The phone will display on-screen navigation that overlaps the image from the camera. You can also create your own indoor maps.
  • Distance measurement. With two cameras, the phone knows how far away certain objects are. This can be very handy for measuring large distances.
  • Augmented reality. See 3D models in the camera’s viewfinder or play a 3D game.

How does it work?

Google Tango doesn’t need a GPS connection thanks to a technology that stores 3D images of certain objects and later detects them in real life when the two cameras are pointed at it. Just like the human eyes and the brain, two cameras and a processor can measure distances and heights to easily identify objects. This technology also tracks movement to ensure precise measurements.

This is how Project Tango looks in real life.

Final words

Google’s Project Tango is a great idea. With all its features, smartphones will replace even more devices and appliances. Both work and play, Tango will bring a new dimension to mobile computing. A new phone with this technology was recently announced which even further reassures us that we will see Project Tango on more devices.

The Lenovo Phab 2 Pro comes with project Tango out of the box.


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