Google Messenger 2.0 brings new icon and design changes


Google Messenger has been updated to version 2.0, bringing some design changes to match the new Android Nougat.

The new icon
The new icon

The first difference you will notice is the icon – it is now rounded, just like the ones of other apps from Android 7.1. Additionally, the icon now displays a badge with the unread message count in the launcher without the need to install third-party plugins. The notification tray icon has also been tweaked to match launcher one. Inside the app, the colour scheme of the conversation list screen has changed to a slightly darker blue, like the one from Google’s new dialer. The contact pictures are also slightly smaller, allowing more text to be shown. Conversations have also been tweaked, with rounded message bubbles, a slightly different bottom bar and, once again, smaller contact pictures. Additionally, clicking on a message will show whether it was an SMS or an MMS. Another area where changes are visible is the new message screen (opened via the FAB). The bar at the top is slightly different and replacing the Frequent and All contacts tabs is a single screen with 8 top contacts and an alphabetical list of all contacts below it.

The new version of Google Messenger can be downloaded via APK Mirror. Use the button below to download the app and install it manually.


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