Google’s Gboard app is now available on Android


Update, 17.12.16: Gboard is now available on the Play Store.

It’s been half a year since Google released its great Gboard app for iOS devices and now,  the keyboard is finally coming to Android devices and replacing the old Google Keyboard.

The main new feature is the Google logo visible in the top left corner of the keyboard. It lets you quickly run a Google search without leaving the app you are using. You can then paste the search results into, for example, a conversation. Gboard also gives easier access to the emoji page with a new search bar, making it much quicker to find the right emoji for a particular situation. Other new features include an option to enable a dedicated nubmer row above the letters, a GIF screen and a bilingual mode which suggests and corrects words in both used languages.

The new Gboard app will replace the Google Keyboard app on the Play Store soon but if you don’t want to wait, the keyboard APK is available on APK Mirror. After downloading the app you can install it on your device just like any other external APK file.

Download Gboard

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