Google Assistant is coming to all Android phones running Marshmallow or Nougat


The Google Assistant is definitely one of the best features of Google’s flagship Pixel smartphones. Currently, getting the service requires rooting your device and editing some files but this is going to change this week with almost all phones running Android Marshmallow and above receiving the long-awaited voice assistant.

Google confirmed during today’s MWC event that the Google Assistant will be rolling out to English users in the United States, as well as users in Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. German users will also receive the assistant. The company from Mountain View also stated that it would be adding more languages to the Google Assistant this year so the list of users eligible for the update will certainly continue to grow.

The Google Assistant is coming to smartphones as part of an update of the Google App (no waiting for OTA updates) and also requires Google Play Services to be installed. To get the update, your smartphone will also need to have at least 1,5 GB of RAM and a 720p display. All of this might seem like a lot of requirements but, at least in terms of the hardware, most phones will match them.

We are already seeing the start of the rollout of Google Assistant with the newly announced LG G6 which also features Google’s AI system. And also, Google already has the assistant running on many devices from the popular manufacturers and is showing them off proudly at the Android Global Village. In case you aren’t sure what the Google Assistant really is and want to know more about it, check out this post.

Are you excited about getting the Google Assistant? Do you think this is a smart move from Google? Make sure to let us know in the comments below.

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