Google Allo – not just another messaging app [APK Download]


The long-awaited messaging app, Google Allo, is finally out. And while it is not a revolution, there are many great new features that make it worth trying.

Google Assistant

One of the most awaited features of Google’s new messaging app was definitely the Google Assistant, a humanlike personal assistant and chatbot. At first glance it is very similar to Google Now, but just after a few minutes you will notice that it is much better. Apart from giving you information, the Google Assistant can chat with you, tell you jokes, find interesting articles or videos, learn your name and interests and even understand emojis and respond with them. Also, you can use the Google Assistant in any conversation. Simply type @google and ask a question.screenshot_20160922-095003


While talking to robots can be very interesting, you might want to spend some time chatting with your human friends through Google Allo. Thanks to some fun features, conversations can be even more interesting. First of all, there is Smart Reply. What this does is learn how you usually respond to certain messages and suggest a few replies you might want to use. It is a very handy feature and can save a lot of time. Another nice addition is Shout and Whisper. This lets you select how big you want the text you are sending to be. You do this by swiping up or down on the send button. There is also an option to draw on photos using Google Ink, send stickers (some of them are animated) and share your location.

Incognito chats

In Allo, Google has added incognito chats. You can start one by tapping the new message icon and selecting Start incognito chat. All messages in this chat will be encrypted and won’t be stored outside of your phone. You can also set the time after which you want your messages to expire by tapping the timer icon in the titlebar. You will also notice that notifications about new messages in this chat will not contain the actual contents of the messages.

Patrick is a student and tech enthusiast, mostly interested in UI design, Android modding and custom ROMs.