The Galaxy S8 could have a pressure-sensitive navigation bar


Samsung is really mixing things up with this year’s Galaxy S8. For the first time, the company has ditched the hardware navigation keys and from what we know the new software navigation bar could get a nifty new feature.

A report from The Investor states that Samsung is working on a pressure-sensitive OLED display which could have similar functionality to Apple’s 3D Touch panels. It also seems that with the S8, Samsung will only place the pressure pads in the lower part of the display for additional navigation bar actions. It isn’t clear why the company isn’t enabling the feature for the whole display.

This technology would enable users to not only tap on the navigation bar but also use press gestures to trigger different actions. This way Samsung wants to leave the “hardware” aspect in the home button without it actually being physical. According to Alex Dobie from Android Central, this could also mean that the home button on the always-on display could require a physical push to wake up the device. This could definitely be useful and would eliminate the need of using the buttons on the sides of the phone or the weirdly placed fingerprint scanner.

It is possible that if the technology is received well Samsung will make the pressure sensors work for the whole display on the Galaxy Note 8. This could be another reason to wait for the Note lineup since size isn’t a valid argument anymore (unless the Note 8 is even bigger than the S8+).

What are your thoughts on such a technology being built into the display of the S8? Do you think you could find it to be useful?

VIAAndroid Authority
SOURCEThe Investor
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