Letter: Create custom labels online for free with Labeley


If you want to create custom labels and stickers online and get them profesionally printed, Labeley is the way to go.

The Internet is full of great resources that make our daily life easier and help us save money and time. In order to reap its benefits, sometimes it’s enough to run a quick Google search of the thing you’re interested in and you’ll easily get to various problem solvers or resources for completing a certain task. When talking about online tools and services, there comes the question of choosing the one that best suits your need. In order to choose right, it is always better to know more about the application or a website you wish to use for your project.

The following tutorial will give you instructions and tips on how to use Labeley – an online application specialized in creating labels for different purposes such as small businesses, home brewing, wine making, party decoration and more. Why paying big amounts of money for hiring someone else to create your beer and wine bottle label designs, or ordering pre-made party invitations and gift tags when you can do it by yourself, for free and with just a couple of clicks. Let’s see how it works from up-close.

  1. Go to labeley.com and start by choosing one of the 5 categories depending on your needs.


  1. Let’s say you chose beer category– now proceed by selecting the desired label shape.


3. Now it’s time to show off your designing skills – play with different backgrounds, colors, graphics, shapes and text until you’re finally satisfied with your label design. You can also upload your own photos and incorporate them in your label design.


4. Once you’re done and saved your label you can download it straight to your computer for home printing purposes or else. If however, you wish to keep your label for further modification, make sure to create an account first.


There you have it. An easy-to-use, straightforward app that might come in handy for both professionals and hobbyists who are in need of custom designed labels and stickers. With the winter holidays fast approaching, its application in party planning and home decoration is especially convenient for anyone looking for an original way to celebrate good times with their friends and families.

Author: Joy Billings

Patrick is a student and tech enthusiast, mostly interested in UI design, Android modding and custom ROMs.