KDE Connect is a nifty piece of software, which lets you connect your Linux computer to an Android device to sync notifications, share media and more. In this tutorial you will learn how to use it.

Let’s start off by getting your Android device ready. Head over to the Play Store and download the free KDE Connect app. Open up the app, connect to the same network that you are connected to on your phone, and select Pair new device from the app’s hamburger menu. You will now see a list of available devices. Select your computer’s name. On your computer, you will see a notification asking whether you want to connect the two devices. Confirm the request and you should be done (check the system tray for a new smartphone icon).


There are a few tools available right from the KDE Connect app’s home screen

Download KDE Connect

So what can you do with KDE Connect? The service lets you share files between the two devices, use your smartphone as a remote mouse and keyboard, control multimedia playback on the computer, share notifications (replying from the computer is available on some distributions), sync clipboard content and much more. All of this can be done from the smartphone app, the computer’s KDE Connect applet or is done automatically (like the clipboard sync). Both in the computer’s settings and the Android app’s settings you can find some additional plugins and preferences.


A new applet will appear in the system tray

That’s all! You now know how to use KDE Connect to make your life a little bit easier. Remember that the two devices have to be connected to the same network and you should be all set.


Patrick is a student and tech enthusiast, mostly interested in UI design, Android modding and custom ROMs.

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