5 Android apps that you shouldn’t miss this month – December 2016


With 2016 coming to an end, here are our top 5 Android apps for December 2016. Happy New Year!

Universal Copy

There are many apps in which it is impossible to copy text using the conventional method. This is where Universal Copy comes in. The app takes a picture of your device’s screen and using intelligent character recognition allows you to painlessly copy content from almost any app. You can enable the tool using a variety of triggers such as a long press on one of the navigation buttons or a tap on the persistent notification.



Monospace is a minimalistic and quite interesting notes app. First of all, instead of using traditional folders, the app lets you organise notes by using hashtags. This actually works surprisingly well and is quite handy. Other features include two colour modes, undo and redo functionality, encryption, a custom formatting popup and a handful of customisation options, with even more features available in the pro variant of Monospace.



Drippler is a free Android support app. With the service you can get free tech support from real people (called Wizzards), find interesting Android-related articles on the web or even become a Wizzard youself. There is also a chatbot which can help you with solving some basic problems or forward your question to a specialist. Drippler is overall a great app for less experienced Android users.


ML Manager

With ML Manager you can easily and efficiently extract or share apps from your device (even system ones) using the tool’s intuitive and clean interface. The real power of the app can be unleashed by getting the pro version, though. If you own a rooted device, this will let you hide apps from the launcher, uninstall system programs and clean the cache or data of an app. ML Manager works very fluently and is actually much more useful than it would seem.


Hill Climb Racing 2

Hill Climb Racing 2 is an addicting physics-based racing game where you compete with real people to earn money and win gifts. These rewards can be later used to buy new vehicles, upgrade existing ones and get additional items. New levels unlock as you get better at playing the game. Apart from the online multiplayer mode there is also an adventure mode which you can play without an Internet connection.

Patrick is a student and tech enthusiast, mostly interested in UI design, Android modding and custom ROMs.