3 Android apps that you shouldn’t miss this week – Weekly App Roundup


It’s that time again! Here are even more great apps for your Android device.


Yes, there is plenty of wallpaper apps out there but Backgrounds is one which is definitely worth checking out. The app organises images in an easy to use, tabbed home page which gives you quick access to categories, featured wallpapers and users, the most popular backdrops and more. Additionally, the wallpaper collection is truly huge and the images are very high quality. You can also log in to publish your own images. Check this app out!



You might have heard that the blue light from your screen is not good for your eyes before sleep. This is where Twilight comes into play. This simple yet incredibly useful tool alters the colour temperature of your device’s display in order to reduce eye strain. You can easily edit the temperature, intensity and dim levels. There is also a handy automatic mode, customisable profiles and even an Android Nougat quick settings tile. Twilight can definitely come in handy and will help you get some extra sleep.



Have you ever got tired of changing the exact same settings on your device at a specific time every day? The app for you is MacroDroid. It lets you automate your Android device by setting up simple or complex behaviour patterns. Simply add a trigger like a specific hour, location, battery level, set up the actions and you are done. The tool offers massive functionality with options like constraints, root actions, importing or exporting Macros and many more features right at your fingertips. Definitely give this one a go!



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