3 Android apps that you shouldn’t miss this week – Weekly App Roundup


Here is a list of 3 Android apps that you might find useful, interesting or fun.


Dumpster is a recycle bin for almost any file that you deleted from your Android device – images, videos, audio, documents, apps and more. The app shows all recently removed items as a simple list on the home page, categorising files into folders for easier restoring.  There is also a handful of filters and sorting options. Finally, Dumpster comes with automatic cleaning and two other paid options: cloud backup and a lockscreen. This is definitely a very useful utility.



Wally is a wallpaper app featuring loads copyright-free high quality images from Unsplash, divided into 6 categories such as buildings, nature or technology. The app’s home page gives you quick access to new and featured images as well as collections. There is also an advanced search filter, two themes, four sorting options and an image info screen. Wally is surely one of the best wallpaper apps available right now.


Fast Like a Fox

Fast Like a Fox is an original adventure game where you move the character by tapping on the back of your device. The objective is to collect diamonds, coins and emeralds while also trying to beat your speed record. There is a variety of beautiful level sets, all of them unlocked just by playing the game. There are also two additional characters. All of this combined with an interesting music soundtrack and the lack of ads makes for a very enjoyable experience.

Patrick is a student and tech enthusiast, mostly interested in UI design, Android modding and custom ROMs.