3 Android apps that you shouldn’t miss this week – Weekly App Roundup


Welcome to TechView’s fourth Weekly App Roundup. Here are 3 Android apps which are definitely worth downloading.


Texpand is a handy app which lets you assign keyboard shortcuts to your frequently used texts. It then shows a floating bubble above your keyboard when you type the shortcut, no matter what app you are in and what keyboard your are using. For instance, you can have Texpand suggest your email address when you type the word email. Additionally, there is a handful of variables available, making it possible for the app to, for example, enter the time, date or paste the clipboard contents when it detects the shortcut. Texpand is free to use but there is also a paid version which ensures future updates, removes the shortcut limit and allows for Tasker integration.



Wallspash is a wallpaper app, featuring thousands of high resolution backgrounds from Unsplash, Google Earth View and Jay Mantri. The app divides images into categories and also provides easy source switching. Clicking on an image provides you with options to download, share or set the picture as your wallpaper. There is also a featured images screen and an option to add images to the favourites folder. Wallsplash features a beautiful ad-free experience, making for a really great wallpaper app.



IFTTT is an amazing community based app which combines loads of useful automation activities in one place. The app features applets such as weather notifications, Facebook and Twitter profile picture sync, automatic email sending, automatic volume management and many more actions. All of this is free and doesn’t require any additional downloads. You can also create and share your own actions. Over 360 services work with IFTTT so there is a ton of combinations available.

Patrick is a student and tech enthusiast, mostly interested in UI design, Android modding and custom ROMs.