Action Launcher 3 update brings Quickcuts from Pixel Launcher


Android 7.1 and its new launcher are just around the corner. Meanwhile, Action Launcher 3 has just been updated with yet another Pixel Launcher feature – Quickcuts.

A Quickcut in Action Launcher 3
A Quickcut in Action Launcher 3

Quickcuts is a handy feature similar to Apple’s 3D Touch that lets you swipe up or down on an icon of a compatible app to see shortcuts for it. For example, for Google Photos it is Free up space and I am feeling lucky, for YouTube it is Subscriptions and Watch Later and for the Google app it is Type search and Voice Search. At the moment only a few apps support Quickcuts, but this will most certainly change after the release of Google’s Pixel phones. Enabling Quickcuts in Action Launcher is very easy. Simply long-press the icon of an app and release it. You will now see the edit page. At the top there is the type of shortcut you are using. Tap on it and if you see a Quickcut option, select it.


In case you don’t know, Action Launcher 3 already has all the other features from Pixel Launcher like the new app drawer, redesigned round icons and folders, tinted dock and the Google pill and date widget. You can learn more about these features in this post.


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