3 useful productivity apps for Android


Here are 3 great productivity apps for your Android device.


Photomath is a quick and simple way to solve math problems. The app uses your device’s camera to scan and solve equations. Unfortunately it doesn’t recognize handwriting, which means that it’s useful only for printouts and equations displayed on screens. That doesn’t make it bad though. Photomath is easy to use, fast and accurate.

Google Keep

Google Keep is a great note app. It lets you create a variety of types of notes, including lists, drawings and even voice recordings. Notes can be sorted by using customizable labels and you can add individual reminders to them. All notes are backed up to your Google account, letting you view and manage them on multiple devices. Google Keep comes also with a homescreen widget making it one of the best apps of its sort.

Inbox by Gmail

Inbox by Gmail is a whole new way of managing your email. Similar messages are bundled, letting you quickly view all emails from one category or delete them. You can also pin important messages to easily find them later on. The search tool understands questions such as When is my package arriving? Inbox also displays cards that show all the important information about your reservations and packages. You can also add reminders, snooze mail and much more. All of this makes managing your emails quick, giving you more time for other things.

featured image: startupist.com

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