3 best Pixel style icon packs for Android


After the release of Google’s Pixel phones, the Play Store got filled with Pixel style round icon packs. With so many, it is hard to pick the right one. Here are our top 3.

Update, 2 November: Pixel Icon Pack-Nougat Free UI is another great free option.

Update, 19 October: Yet another great option is making its way to this post: Pix it.

Update, 18 October: Another Pixel style icon pack worth checking out is the Pixelicious Icon Pack.

Quantum Dots

Price: 0,99 USD
Size: 18 MB

Quantum Dots was one of the first Pixel-style icon packs to appear on the Play Store. Its icons are circular, with some elements sticking out, making the icon pack quite unique, but also beautiful. There are over 400 icons already, and more are coming soon. In addition, the app comes with a handful of good-looking Material Design wallpapers, some simple Zooper Pro widgets, lets you request app icons directly from the app and supports a wide array of launchers.

Pixel Icon Pack

Price: 0,99 USD
Size: 30 MB

If you’re looking for the stock icons, Pixel Icon Pack will be the choice for you. The icons here are nearly identical to those from the Google Pixel devices. There are over 1000 high-quality icons already and the developer promises to add more every day. The app also brings a few wallpapers directly from Android 7.1 Nougat. Pixel Icon Pack is compatible with most well-known launchers and you can request new icons via Ciao Request.

Pixel Icon Pack – Premium HD

Price: 0,99 USD
Size: 2.2 MB

This icon pack is also pretty close to the stock icons from the Pixel phones, with only a few minor tweaks. One of the best features of this app are icon masks that make unthemed icons look much more similar to the ones that have already been added to the app. The icon pack is missing a few popular titles, but it is still a good choice.

Bonus: how to theme an icon yourself

If you’re struggling with unthemed icons, the easiest solution is to use a free app called Materialize. It will let you easily modify any icon by changing its shape, adding a shadow or putting it in a frame. If you just want to add the new icon to your homescreen, tap the Add to home button. If you want the new icon to replace the old one in the app drawer, you can export it to the gallery and set the image as an app’s icon from your launcher.


featured image: dribbble.com
images: icon pack authors (Linked Designs, Ciao Studio, Ho Ming Lau)

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