3 best Android apps – October 2016


Every day more apps appear on the Play Store, making it harder to find the best ones. Here is our list of the top 3 Android apps that you should download.


While there are many to do list apps out there, none of them quite matches TickTick. With its great features and sleek design, TickTick is probably on of the best apps of its kind. All your tasks are stored in customisable lists available after opening the hamburger menu, making managing tasks a breeze. The tasks list shows tasks in date order, so tasks that you want to complete today are at the top. The app has some handy gestures that trigger certain actions after swiping left or right on a task. In addition, TickTick comes with a handful of useful home screen widgets to make using it even easier and quicker. The app has a Pro version that unlocks some additional functionality such as a different view or the option to add Smart Lists.


Polarr is a unique photo editing app. It lets you modify your shots by applying various filters (that can be customised manually), using tools such as FX effects, curve editing, various types of vignettes and light options. There are also 4 types of masks: brush masks, gradient masks, colour masks and radial masks. There is also a precise cropping and straightening tool. Additionally, you can easily view all changes made to the picture and revert them or learn more about editing from the various interactive tutorials built into the app. You can unlock even more options by buying the Pro version of Polarr. The app seems to perform slowly in some situations, but it is still worth trying.

Smash Rocket

Last but definitely not least is a simple arcade game called Smash Rocket. The objective is quite simple – there are small rockets orbiting around the planet and you are supposed to tap at the right moment to destroy all targets that are floating around the planet. There are many types of rockets and the game is really challenging. There are two modes – a stage mode with 1000 stages and an endless mode. You can support the author by removing ads from the game.

Patrick is a student and tech enthusiast, mostly interested in UI design, Android modding and custom ROMs.