3 Android Marshmallow features you might not know about


Every time Google releases a new version of their mobile operating system there are some hidden but often very useful features. Here are 3 Android Marshmallow features you might not know about.

System UI Tuner

The System UI Tuner lets you customize the quick settings, add and hide icons in the status bar or enable demo mode. To unlock these features open the quick settings panel and then press and hold the shortcut to the settings. When the cogwheel starts rotating, wait for about two seconds and lift your finger from the screen. Now open the device settings, scroll down to the bottom and select System UI Tuner. You will see a warning that this option might not work as intended but it’s actually suprisingly stable.

App permissions

Android Marshmallow lets you change the permissions of each app seperately. To do this go to the settings, open the Apps tab and tap the cogwheel at the top of the screen. Now select App permissions and make any necessary changes. Also, after opening an app that needs access to any of your data for the first time you will see a popup asking for permission.


The new version of Android has a built-in battery saver. To enable it go to the settings, open the Battery tab, tap the three dots in the top right corner of the screen and then select Battery optimisation. If Doze is disabled, you will see a Not optimised writing. Tap on it and select All apps. You can disable the feature for  a specific application by finding it on the list, tapping it’s name and selecting whether you want Android to optimise battery usage for it. Doze saves battery by turning of unnecessary features whan you’re not using your device.

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